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Satellite TV 4 Caravans is a specialist internet based business, just for Satellite Television Systems for Caravans and RV vehicles.

We don't sell hundreds of other products, like toilets, clothes lines, spare wheels or trailers, just Satellite TV Systems.

Everything you need for a complete system, Satellite Antennas, Cables, Satellite Receivers, Remote IR Extenders, Television Mounts all with Australian Warranties.

Satellite TV 4 Caravans are the experts in mobile satellite TV systems, for use Australia wide.  We ship anywhere in Australia or New Zealand by TNT Express directly to your door.


Friday to Sunday  - Mid North Coast Caravan and Camping Show - Wauchope Showgrounds Stand 014 - RV and Caravan Centre
11 to 13 August


The Australian  RV Satellite TV Antenna for Australia Wide Coverage

Outback TV is an Australia developed "Pop Up" Recreational Vehicle Satellite TV Antenna.  When it not in use if folds down, and when needed it will pop up and lock onto the correct Satellite. 

Currently OUTBACK TV has two models of antennas, the RV 85A 85cm Antenna, and the RV 60A 60cm antenna.  Both are "Pop Up" fully automatic positional antennas suitable for both Foxtel or VAST FTA in Australia.

Comparison of Satellite TV Antenna on the Australia Market

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$2150.00 incl GST
85cm Fully Automatic Pop UP Antenna


$1999.00 incl GST
60cm Fully Automatic Pop UP Antenna

The RV 85A is suitable for Australia wide coverage, while the RV 60A is suitable and smaller motor homes or caravans on the East Coast of Australia and all of New Zealand, that have limited roof area.

Outback TV Brochure

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